Release Notes

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1.4.0 (BigCouch 0.4.0)

  • Support reader list access controls.

  • Improve error handling on streaming responses by delaying the start of the response until there's data to send, responding with a 5xx status code if a crash happens before the response has started, and abruptly terminating the response without cleaning up if an error happens mid-response.

  • Improve resource utilization and restore idempotency of _replicate tasks by deterministically assigning them to cluster nodes.

  • Return 202 Accepted if document is written but we fail to meet quorum.

  • Support custom write quorums on POSTs (thanks mikewallace1979).

  • Use a simple majority as the default quorum.

  • Merge updates to the HTTP layer from CouchDB 1.1, including HTTPS support (thanks benoitc).

1.2.1 (BigCouch 0.3.0)

This patch release ports HTTP layer patches in CouchDB 1.0.2 including

  • Send replication errors as strings if JSON encoding fails (COUCHDB-884)
  • Use comma as media type separator in Accept header
  • Allow reduce=false parameter in map-only views (COUCHDB-881)
  • Send unauthorized instead of db_not_found when remote URL in replicator request does not have required credentials
  • Make the doc multipart GET APIs always send attachments compressed (COUCHDB-1022)
  • Remove unguarded atom creation to prevent DOS attacks (COUCHDB-829)

The release also fixes a bug breaking _show/_list/_update functions and _changes filters (BigCouch #36) and removes the stacktrace from 404 responses to restore replication checkpointing (BigCouch #37).


Bugs Squashed

  • Cleanly terminate view responses on timeout
  • Fix attachment uploads on persistent connections, BigCouch #7
  • Respect allow_jsonp setting in server config
  • Port workaround for conflicted attachments from COUCHDB-902
  • Use stock CouchDB authn handlers to eliminate incompatibilities

Features Added

  • Assign a unique ID to each request
  • Include sanitized stacktrace in JSON error responses
  • Generate _all_dbs directly from shard_db so it's never stale

1.1.0 (BigCouch 0.2.0)

  • Return well-formed response for reduce view with zero rows
  • Pass user-specified write quorum to fabric
  • Support view index cleanup
  • Support filtered _changes
  • Accept logins with 'name' instead of 'username'
  • Fix bug preventing replication from working at all
  • Fix undef crash when asking for a _temp_view

1.0.4 (BigCouch 0.1.0)

  • Initial open source release
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