An example application of using Heroku and Cloudant together.
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Cloudant/Heroku Example

An example of using Heroku and Cloudant. It collects tweets for the "couchdb" search term using Twitter"s API, storing them in the "heroku-example" database.

Getting Started

These are the install instructions.

  1. Clone this repo onto your computer:

git clone

  1. Make sure you have set up Heroku properly. See

  2. Install the Cloudant add-on, specifying the free version (basic):

heroku addons:add cloudant:oxygen

  1. Create the app on your Heroku account - you will be using the provided Procfile:

heroku create

  1. Deploy your code to Heroku:

git push heroku master

  1. Scale up the worker process:

heroku ps:scale worker=1

  1. Log into the Cloudant dashboard and view the "heroku-example" database. You will see the stored tweets (may take a few minutes to show up depending on the Twitter Search API and latency) and can write views against them.


This project uses grunt ( for development. It will make sure that any modifications you make are lint free and pass any tests.


Copyright (c) 2012 Cloudant Licensed under the APACHE-2.0 license.