Release Notes

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2.0.0 (BigCouch 0.4.0)

Major changes since version 1.6.1 include:

  • Allow creation and deletion of databases when a node is down.

  • Wait for read repair before responding to the client. See commit 0b59b5 for more details.

  • Modify get_missing_revs to return possible ancestor revisions. Needed to support the _revs_diff endpoint (and the replicator in the upcoming 1.2 release of Apache CouchDB, which uses that endpoint).

  • Modify the clustered update sequence so that it sorts correctly. This improves replication checkpointing.

  • Improve detection of errors during request processing by uniformly processing rexi_DOWN and rexi_EXIT errors.

  • Reply 'accepted' instead of 'ok' if a document is written but we fail to meet the requested quorum. The HTTP layer will translate this into a 202 status code in the case of a single-document PUT request.

  • Fix a few classes of timeouts and hangs when subscribing to continuous _changes feeds, especially when filters are applied.

  • Use a simple majority as the default quorum.

  • Handle missing docs when using "linked documents", and support requests to link against a specific revision.

  • Support stale=update_after in view queries.

1.2.1 (BigCouch 0.3.0)

  • Send 100 Continue when appropriate
  • Fail gracefully on _security if database is missing
  • Fix limit=0 timing bug dropping total/offset from response
  • Read from same shards every time on stale=ok view request
  • Include some fields that were missing in view group _info


Bugs Squashed

  • Ignore attachment offsets when deciding whether to run read repair
  • Send group=true result when group_level is set but key is not a list
  • Cleanly terminate view responses on timeout
  • Fix behavior of _changes with include_docs and deleted documents
  • Fix handling of reader lists in _security

Features Added

  • Support linked documents in views
  • Improve rapid DB re-creation by tagging shards with a timestamp
  • Improve performance under constant concurrent load
  • Improve formatting of and increase detail level in error messages
  • Allow keylists instead of records in view query API
  • Added type specs to API functions

1.1.0 (BigCouch 0.2.0)

  • Fix quorum calculation when reading docs with attachments
  • Fix heartbeat setting for _changes
  • Add support for view index cleanup
  • Add support for filtered _changes
  • Asynchronously repair inconsistent copies of a document on read

1.0.4 (BigCouch 0.1.0)

  • Fix race condition causing some reduce views to hang
  • Fix timeout when calling update_docs with an empty list
  • Display full cluster update sequence in DB info
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