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An example CouchApp based CouchDB javascript view that creates and inverted index using CouchDB map-reduce
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jsindexer is an example javascript view that creates an inverted index needed to do full text search on a CouchApp or CouchDB database hosted on This is an alternative to the Java/Lucene indexers used by default.


cloudant hosted account (sign up at!/solutions/cloud), couchapp


cd jsindexer
cat > .couchapprc

that last line means hit *CTRL-C***

To configure the indexing of documents, modify the file:


Cloudant search expects key,value pairs with the following format:


where 1,6,8 are the positions of that token in the field. The positions enable phrase searches.

couchapp push

Now trigger indexing with:


Once indexing is done, you can use the regular search syntax (, but yon need to specify the index:

http://<user><db_or_couchapp_you_want_to_search>/_search?q=myfield:"some phrase"&index=_design/jsindexer/_view/whitespace
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