Release Notes

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1.4.3 (BigCouch 0.3.0)

  • The server now ignores unexpected cast messages. "Just crash" is a nice philosophy, except when the process really, really needs to stay up and running.


  • Update type spec to reflect changes in 1.4.1


  • Include accumulator in timeout response so client can decide what to do next.


  • Application stores details of recent job failures for later inspection with e.g. rexi:get_last_error().
  • New versioning scheme which uses git tags directly.

1.3.0 (BigCouch 0.2.0)

  • Use more efficient timers from erlang module.
  • Log an error_report when a worker dies abnormally.

1.2.1 (BigCouch 0.1.0)

  • Apache 2 License
  • Manage worker metadata in ets for better scaling.
  • Fix rexi:kill/2, which previously did nothing.
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