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Stream Items

Connect to a socket and listen as items for an account are created, updated, and deleted in real time. That's right. No more polling the list items API looking for changes!

We use Pusher for websocket support. Grab an open source API library in the langage of your choice and follow along. The examples below make use of their JavaScript client to connect to a socket and listen for events on a channel.

Gather Socket Details

The first step is to gather some details about the socket in order to connect. These details are available via the view account details endpoint. Here's an excerpt:

  "socket": {
    "auth_url": "",
    "api_key":  "36b8e92a50487f79cbb3",
    "app_id":   "4072",
    "channels": {
      "items": "private-items_1"

Configure Pusher

Next, pass this data along to Pusher and subscribe to the channel. Assuming the response from the above API call was stored in the variable named account, it would look something like:

// Use JSONP because it's a cross-domain request.
Pusher.channel_auth_transport = 'jsonp';
Pusher.channel_auth_endpoint  = account.socket.auth_url;

Subscribe and Listen

Now let's get down to business. Subscribe to the items channel and listen for one of more of the events "create", "update", or "delete" which will be dispatched as items are, you guessed it, created, updated, or deleted.

var itemsChannel = new Pusher(account.socket.api_key)

itemsChannel.bind('create', function(data) { });
itemsChannel.bind('update', function(data) { });
itemsChannel.bind('delete', function(data) { });

The data passed to the above callback handlers is identical to the list items API.

  "href":         "",
  "name":         "CloudApp",
  "private":      true,
  "subscribed":   false,
  "url":          "",
  "content_url":  "",
  "item_type":    "bookmark",
  "view_counter": 0,
  "icon":         "",
  "remote_url":   null,
  "redirect_url": "",
  "source":       "Cloud/1.5.1 CFNetwork/520.0.13 Darwin/11.0.0 (x86_64) (MacBookPro5%2C5)",
  "created_at":   "2010-10-23T19:50:24Z",
  "updated_at":   "2010-10-23T19:50:39Z",
  "deleted_at":   null