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Third-party applications

Great applications are already using the CloudApp API. Here are some popular examples:

  • BlueNube: CloudApp client for iPad
  • CargoLifter: Mail plugin, which automatically uploads emails attachments to the cloud.
  • ChromaCloud: Chrome extension to bookmark the current URL.
  • Cloud2go: powerful iPhone client to access CloudApp on the go
  • Cloudette: free CloudApp iPhone client
  • Cloudie: an iOS client for CloudApp
  • Cloudier: an iOS client for CloudApp
  • Cloudit: an Android client for CloudApp
  • ClouDrop: full-featured CloudApp iOS app
  • CloudSend: Send websites and videos from your computer to your iPhone using CloudApp.
  • Cloupload: full-featured Android client with file previews
  • Cloupload Web: the CloudApp web client reimagined
  • DropBook: share to Facebook using CloudApp
  • Doxie: scan directly into the cloud
  • Finapp: a simple CloudApp client for Windows Phone
  • FluffyApp: CloudApp client for Windows
  • Hojoki: Make all your cloud apps work as one
  • iFiles: A file manager, viewer, editor, and more
  • Komocloud: CloudApp client for iPhone
  • NuageApp: Free CloudApp client for iPhone, with auto upload and copy link to your Mac features
  • Nuvola for Android: CloudApp client for Android
  • Nuvola for Windows Phone 8: CloudApp client for Windows Phone 8
  • OsiriX: plugin for OsiriX
  • py-cloudapp: PyQt based, drag and drop uploader that runs on Ubuntu
  • RainDrop: a universal iOS client for CloudApp
  • Receipts: a simple way to share receipts with CloudApp
  • Screeny: screen recording app with CloudApp integration for Mac
  • Shoots & Leaves: Upload a photo to CloudApp, then use the link to that photo to create a reminder, email, or more
  • Stratus: beautiful iPhone and iPad client
  • Tweetbot: full-featured iPhone Twitter client with a lot of personality and CloudApp integration
  • Twitterrific: gorgeous Twitter client with CloudApp integration for Mac and iOS
  • Up: Up is a full-featured CloudApp client, beautifully designed for iOS 7.
  • Viewer: Simple and intuitive client for iPhone
  • Weet: Twitter client with CloudApp integration for Mac and iOS

Adding new applications

If you've built a new application that uses the CloudApp API, send us a pull-request and we'll be sure to update our docs.