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  • Install the aws-sdk gem first:
gem install aws-sdk
  • Clone the public-utilities repo to your server:
git clone
  • Copy the files to their respective locations and make the script executable:
cp -a public-utilities/ohai-to-s3/etc/cron.d/ohai2s3 /etc/cron.d/ohai2s3
cp -a public-utilities/ohai-to-s3/usr/sbin/ohai2s3.rb /usr/sbin/ohai2s3.rb
chmod +x /usr/sbin/ohai2s3.rb
  • Edit the script to use your AWS key, secret key and bucket information:
@aws_key="" #This is the AWS Key
@aws_secret="" #This is the AWS Secret Key
@aws_bucket="" #This is the bucket where to load the ohai facts in json format
  • Deploy the ohai-plugins cookbook using the next commands:
mkdir /var/chef/cookbooks
mv public-utilities/ohai-to-s3/cookbook/ohai-plugins /var/chef/cookbooks/ohai-plugins
knife cookbook upload ohai-plugins
  • Create the ohai-plugin role:
export EDITOR=vi #any other editor can be selected, like nano for instance
knife role create ohai-plugin

Once in the editor, replace everything with the next content and save:

  "name": "ohai-plugin",
  "description": "",
  "json_class": "Chef::Role",
  "default_attributes": {},
  "override_attributes": {},
  "chef_type": "role",
  "run_list": [ "recipe[ohai-plugins]" ],
  "env_run_lists": {

  • Add the role to the nodes that you need or to all nodes using your web interface or using the next command:
knife node run_list add $NODE_NAME 'role[ohai-plugin]' #Where $NODE_NAME is the name of the actual node

To add the role to all of the nodes you can run:

for node in `knife node list`;do knife node run_list add $node 'role[ohai-plugin]';done;

Next chef-client will have to apply the changes on the nodes, this will just take some time.

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