An Ant and Hibernate template for CloudBees
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Ant and Hibernate clickstart

This clickstart sets up a database, Ant build service, repository and a basic Hibernate ORM application.

Launch this clickstart and glory could be yours too ! Use it as a building block if you like.

You can launch this on Cloudbees via a clickstart automatically, or follow the instructions below.

Deploying manually:

Note before deploying this on JBoss 7:

There are configuration changes to do in the following file, comments will indicate which lines to change and how.


To build and deploy this on CloudBees, follow those steps:

Create application:

bees app:create MYAPP_ID

Create database:

bees db:create -u DB_USER -p DB_PASSWORD DBNAME

Bind database as datasource:

bees app:bind -db DBNAME -a MYAPP_ID -as ExampleDS

Create a new software project in Jenkins, changing the following:

  • Add this git repository (or yours, with this code) on Jenkins

  • In build, Add build step -> Invoke Ant with no target.

  • Also check "Deploy to CloudBees" with those parameters:

      Applications: First Match
      Application Id: MYAPP_ID
      Filename Pattern: target/*.war
  • Optionally change the application container to Java EE, if you wish to deploy on JBoss.

To build this locally:

In the ant_template directory, open a command line, and invoke ant by typing "ant" to build the war file, then deploy it on cloudbees typing:

bees app:deploy -t tomcat -a MYAPP_ID target/*.war

Or, for JBoss:

bees app:deploy -t jboss -a MYAPP_ID target/*.war

To deploy this locally:

Make sure you have a MySQL database bound to java:comp/env/jdbc/ExampleDS, and then deploy in your favorite container.