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# NewRelic ClickStack plugin

## Building

$ make

## Publishing to S3

To publish to the default bucket and repository that's defined in the Makefile:

$ make s3cfg=PATH_TO_S3CFG publish

PATH_TO_S3CFG should be the location of the s3cfg file containing your s3
credentials. Use provided with this project as the template for this

To publish to a different bucket and repository:

$ make s3cfg=PATH_TO_S3CFG publish_bucket=BUCKET publish_repo=REPO publish

BUCKET is the s3 bucket. REPO is the repository within the bucket (repository
is just a directory name).

## Upgrading NewRelic

If the NewRelic jar file changes, you need to rebuild the plugin. You can
either modify the Makefile directly, or specify different make variables in the
make command itself (e.g. if you just want to test a specific jar without
modifying the Makefile).

The two applicable make variables are `newrelic_ver` and
`newrelic_agent_src`. Refer to Makefile to see how they're used.

Before building/publishing the plugin, run:

$ make clean

This will remove the current newrelic.jar.

Modify the Makefile or specify the make variables as appropriate for your
scenario and run "make publish" as per the instructions above.

## Deployment Scenarios

ClickStack plugins are not typically versioned. Instead, developers use
different repository locations to isolate different versions.

To deploy an untested version of a plugin, use a "testing" repository. Projects
that want to use the "testing" version of the plugin can specify that location
as their plugin source.

Once the plugin has been tested and deemed stable enough for production use, it
can be deployed to the appropriate production repository.