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Node.js clickstart

This clickstart demonstrates a basic hello world node.js app on CloudBees with continuous deployment. Jenkins runs tests via npm.

package.json is used to specify what packages are needed - main.js is the default server app (you can set main_js via bees config:set to override it to something else)

If you don't have a cloudbees account:

Sign in with GitHub:

To run manually locally

  1. Install node.js
  2. Clone this repo
  3. node app/main.js

To deploy manually to CloudBees

  1. cd app
  2. zip -r ../
  3. bees app:deploy -t nodejs ../

The node.js clickstack

See here if you want to change how it work: The node-clickstack makes this possible - if you want to tweak how the node.js container works fork that repo, change it, and use it for the -RPLUGIN.SRC.nodejs url above.

Otherwise - fork this !