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Erlang/Webmachine clickstart

This clickstart sets up a basic app with continuous deployment (thanks to Jenkins) - with both the souce repo, build and app hosted on CloudBees. Webmachine, by basho, is a fantastically scalable web server which powers things like the Riak database.

Click on this to deploy this stack now:

Launch this clickstart and glory could be yours too ! Use it as a building block if you like. You can launch this on Cloudbees via a clickstart automatically, OR follow the instructions below. If you launch it via the above button, this repo will be cloned into a private repo (on cloudbees), a build pipeline setup and an app deployed.

Running this app locally

  1. Install Erlang and clone this repo
  2. cd into repo dir
  3. make && ./start.sh
  4. open a browser to localhost:8000
  5. If you make a change, run make again (in another shell) and it will reload

Deploying manually to CloudBees

To build and deploy this on CloudBees, follow those steps:

install Erlang if you don't already have it

git clone THIS PROJECT
make deps # download the shizzles needed 
mkdir target
zip -r ./target/app.zip *
bees app:deploy MYAPP_ID -t webmachine target/app.zip 


In your jenkins job, you can adjust what the build does - if you have test, you can tell it to run them before a deployment.

How it works

clickstart.json describes how this all clicks together - how the build works, and how the app is deployed using the webmachine container. rebar is used to do the build. The app container source is (here)[https://github.com/CloudBees-community/webmachine-clickstack]. If you are interested in more things you can build and run on CloudBees - take a look at http://developer.cloudbees.com/