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// vars/cloudRunDeploy.groovy
def call(Map config) {
def podYaml = libraryResource 'podtemplates/google-cloud-sdk.yml'
def label = "cloud-sdk-${UUID.randomUUID().toString()}"
podTemplate(name: 'cloud-sdk', label: label, yaml: podYaml) {
node(label) {
container(name: 'gcp-sdk') {
if (config.deployType == "gke") {
sh "gcloud run deploy ${config.serviceName} --image ${config.image} --platform gke --cluster ${config.clusterName} --cluster-location ${config.region} --namespace ${config.namespace}"
sh "gcloud run services describe ${config.serviceName} --platform gke --cluster ${config.clusterName} --cluster-location ${config.region} --namespace ${config.namespace} --format=json > run.json 2>&1"
else if (config.deployType == "vmware") {
sh "gcloud run deploy ${config.serviceName} --image ${config.image} --platform kubernetes --namespace ${config.namespace} --kubeconfig ${config.kubeconfig}"
sh "gcloud run services describe ${config.serviceName} --platform kubernetes --kubeconfig ${config.kubeconfig} --format=json > run.json 2>&1"
else {
sh "gcloud run deploy ${config.serviceName} --image ${config.image} --allow-unauthenticated --region ${config.region} --platform managed --port 8080"
sh "gcloud run services describe ${config.serviceName} --region ${config.region} --platform managed --format=json > run.json 2>&1"
//print detail description of deployed servce
sh "cat run.json"
CLOUD_RUN_URL = sh (script: "cat run.json | jq -r '.status.url' | tr -d '\n'",
returnStdout: true)
gitHubDeployStatus(repoOwner, repo, CLOUD_RUN_URL, 'success')
//only add comment for PRs - CHANGE_ID isn't populated for commits to regular branches
if (env.CHANGE_ID) {
config.message = "Preview Environment URL: ${CLOUD_RUN_URL}"
config.credId = githubCredentialId
config.issueId = env.CHANGE_ID
config.repoOwner = repoOwner
config.repo = repo