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JCasC Demo on CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

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WARNING: This is a demo repository and image, it is not supported by CloudBees for production use

This demo demonstrates usage of the Jenkins Configuration-as-Code Plugin plugin with CloudBees Jenkins Distribution (CJD). The demo is based on the official Cloudbees Jenkins Distribution image available on Docker Hub (here).

By default, all bundled plugins from CJD are loaded. The configuration YAML file presets all of the configuration fields which are currently supported. Note, this is a demo only and it doesn't configure a full production instance of CJD which is able to run production CI/CD pipelines.



  • Run the image using the docker run --rm -p 8080:8080 cloudbees/cjd-jcasc-demo command
    • You can also run a specific version using a release tag from Docker Hub
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080
  • Login with the admin/admin username/password pair
  • Register CloudBees Jenkins Distribution screen. Select the Activate online option and register your CJD instance. It is free, but you need to accept the license agreement
  • Customize CloudBees Jenkins Distribution screen. Use the the Select plugins to install option,
  • Select None in the top panel of the window to unselect all plugins. Then click Install
    • Plugins are already installed by CloudBees Assurance Program and Docker packaging, so selection of additional plugins is not needed here
    • This manual UI action is temporary step
  • Your CloudBees Jenkins Distribution is ready and configured via Jenkins Configuration as Code plugin! Just start using it

Advanced run options

  • To disable booting of fat plugins, -e INCLUDE_FAT_PLUGINS=false can be passed to the Makefile

  • Use -e VERBOSE=true to enable verbose mode with more debug information

  • It is possible to munt a local workspace as a volume by -v ${WORKSPACE_ABOLUTE_PATH}:/var/jenkins_home/ for troubleshooting purposes. Note that the workspace should be empty on startup.


    See GitHub Releases.