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Error: License not verified! product can't backup now
Unable to use CloudBerry Lab for Linux from command line with: «Error: License not verified! product can't backup now»


CloudBerry Backup for Linux comes with command line interface (CLI) what allows customer to configure file level backup for Linux content (i.e. files & directories). CLI is very powerful tool operate entire backup ecosystem (i.e. configure account, configure license, create plans, manage plans, - actually all what is possible through regular GUI of CloudBerry Lab for Linux with Graphic interface). Managed backup edition (the one which you obtain from MBS) needs to be linked to certain user first and then - activated. So if you missed the fist step and trying to activate your license you are going to see the following error message:

cbb activateLicense -e -t
online Backup Command Line Interface started
error: License not verified! product can't backup now


In order to resolve the issue you need to go through the following steps:

  • Link your copy of downloaded product (from MBS) to existing user;
  • Activate either commercial or trial license.

cbb addAccount -e -p Password -ssl yes|no

This will link your software to appropriate account in MBS. Next step is to activate license.

If you have commercial license (recently purchased or want to reused released license):

cbb activateLicense -e -k 

Alternatively you can request 15 days trial using the following syntax:

cbb activateLicense -e -t

For the Standalone product check CLI user guide.