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How to upgrade CloudBerry Backup license
License upgrade self service explained.
CloudBerry Backup for Windows OS X, license upgrade

Upgrading Cloudberry Backup license for Windows client

Most part of CloudBerry Backup standalone editions working under Windows OS are limited to 1 TB of cloud storage they can handle. There are also 2 editions that are not limited - Virtual machine and Ultimate (which used to be Enterprise previously) editions. For Desktop Free edition this limitation is only 200 GB. All the editions are not limited if backing up to local/network filesystems.

Release procedure

In order to perform to upgrade your license you need to click on main button, go to Help -> Release license.

 CloudBerry Backup for Mac OS X logs from GUI

Upgrade procedure

First of all open the link below and provide your license key and email.

Then click check and then pick what is the desired license type you want for the product.

 CloudBerry Backup for Mac OS X (CLI with logs, configuration output)

Click Check out and you will be redirected to our payment processor where you can provide your payment method and proceed with payment.

 CloudBerry Backup for Mac OS X (CLI with logs, configuration output)

Please note that this will not work for Managed Backup Service.