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Unexpected backup or restore plan termination due to insufficient system resources
Backup or restore plan may unexpectedly fail to execute due to insufficient
Backup, multi-threading, insufficient resources, restore


Sometimes you may encounter a situation, wherein a backup or restore plan fails due to insufficient system resources.

Suggestions and Resolutions

Surely, there may be many different reasons as to why that happens. However, it is often the case that the excessive number of utilized threads is to blame. One workaround for that issue is to reduce the number of threads in the settings. To do that, click Settings. Under Applications, click Advanced Settings, and then reduce the number in the Max thread count text field.

Alternatively, you can perform the same procedure using our command line interface. Simply execute the following commands in the terminal:

cd /Applications/CloudBerry\
./cbb option -set tc -v 3

where 3 is the number of threads