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Splits your cucumber features into groups to run them separately. Useful for parallel test running. e.g in Semaphore CI


In your Gemfile

gem "cucumber_in_groups", :require => false, :group => [:development, :test]

In the beginning of your cucumber.yml, add this line:

<% require 'cucumber_in_groups' %>

Then update your profiles cucumber.yml so that Cucumber takes "*.feature" files from <%= grouped_features %> instead of the default "features" directory:

<% common = "--tags ~@wip --strict" %>

# default: <%= common %> features
default: <%= common %> <%= grouped_features %>

# ci: <%= common %> --tags ~@noci features
ci: <%= common %> --tags ~@noci <%= grouped_features %>

Then in your CI script, use GROUP environment variable. Group numbers are 1-based (e.g. 1of3, 2of3, 3of3)

RAILS_ENV=test GROUP=1of2 bundle exec cucumber

Advanced Usage

You can specify custom feature directories by passing relative paths in grouped_features() call. The paths are relative to the project root.

<%= grouped_features("features", "../common_features", "some/other/features") %>


Make sure you have enough features to divide them into groups. E.g. if you have only one "*.feature" file, the command below will give you unexpected results:

RAILS_ENV=test GROUP=2of2 bundle exec cucumber

This happens because <%= grouped_features %> expression returns empty string in this case, and cucumber may simply run all features instead of none.

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