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PostgreSQL full text search using Rails 3 scopes
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Fix scoped method to support Rails 4 with back compability
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PG Search Scope ;

PostgreSQL full text search using Rails 3 and 4 scopes

Basic usage

Include gem pg_search_scope in your Gemfile

In model, use search_scope_for class method to create full text search scope.


search_scope_for :name

In migration, use add_fulltext_index / remove_fulltext_index the same way as add_index / remove_index

Advanced usage

You can set additional search options:

:as - Scope name

:normalization - Controls rank behaviour, see

:wildcard - Controls search words modification:
                 true - add :* to ends of each search word
                 false - do not modify search words
                 :last - add :* to end of last word

:operator - Boolean operator (:and or :or) which combines search query

:select_rank - Include rank in select statement, as {scope_name}_rank

:language - Search language, e.g. 'simple' (without magic), 'english'

:rank_function - Ranking function. Valid values  are  'ts_rank' and 'ts_rank_cd'

:rank_columns - If you want to sort table by rank only by specific fields - input column names here

If you use :language option, you need to use the same option for add_fulltext_index


search_scope_for :name, :address,
                 :wildcard => :last
search_by_name_and_address("Ivan, Aurora st.", :select_rank => true)

To do



Copyright (c) 2011 Ivan Efremov, Ilia Ablamonov, Cloud Castle Inc. See LICENSE for details.

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