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CloudCompare is a 3D point cloud (and triangular mesh) processing software. It was originally designed to perform comparison between two 3D points clouds (such as the ones obtained with a laser scanner) or between a point cloud and a triangular mesh. It relies on an octree structure that is highly optimized for this particular use-case. It was also meant to deal with huge point clouds (typically more than 10 millions points, and up to 120 millions with 2 Gb of memory).

More on CloudCompare here


Supported OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Refer to the file for up-to-date information.

Basically, you have to:

  • clone this repository
  • install mandatory dependencies (OpenGL, etc.) and optional ones if you really need them (mainly to support particular file formats, or for some plugins)
  • launch CMake (from the trunk root)
  • enjoy!

Contributing to CloudCompare

If you want to help us improve CloudCompare or create a new plugin you can start by reading this guide

Supporting the project

If you want to help us in another way, you can make donations via donorbox Thanks!