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CloudedBats - Species

This is a part of CloudedBats:


The software library taxa4bats contains taxonomic information for bats (Chiroptera). All data is collected from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species ( since in covers most of the bats that exists, and the species lists are maintained with two or three published updates each year.

When running the Python script /taxa4bats/ the API at IUCN Redlist is called and all relevant information for bats is downloaded. The data is then stored in text files as a cache for usage between the published updates. An Excel file is also generated that can be downloaded separately. Note that you must to ask for a Token before you can run the script by yourself. It's free, but they don't like commercial use without written permission. Edit the Python script and replace the string 'TOKEN'. If it's not available, then the cached file will be used only.

But the Excel file can be used directly. It's really useful if you want to check the species list for a specific country, just use the filter function in Excel and search for 'SE' in the countries column get the species list for Sweden. If you don't use Excel the free alternative "LibreOffice calc" can be used.

Download the Excel file here: redlist_chiroptera_2020-2.xlsx

WURB-A001 Swedish species filtered in LibreOffice Calc. / CC-BY


# Get the code from Github.
git clone
cd cloudedbats_species
# Set up a virtual environment for python.
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate # On Windows: venv\Scripts\activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Run. (Edit the file and replace the string '<TOKEN>' if you want to update all data from IUCN.)
python taxa4bats/


Arnold Andreasson, Sweden.


Python module used to download taxa for all bats from the IUCN Redlist and store in Excel.





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