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Updated the read me file

Changed CDH 3 to 4 and hadoop to hdfs
1 parent eb67e91 commit b3107df5dfde5b83fa9c9d1588f31dd0eb19191b @tmalaska tmalaska committed Jul 13, 2012
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ This project contains code for running an analysis of adverse drug events using
### Code
This analysis is designed to be small enough that you can run it on a single machine if you
-do not have access to a Hadoop cluster. You will need to have a version of [CDH3](
+do not have access to a Hadoop cluster. You will need to have a version of [CDH3](
on your local machine, along with the version of Pig that is compatible with that version.
You will need to have Maven for compiling the Pig user-defined functions, and may also want to have a
@@ -29,13 +29,13 @@ into aers/demos, and all of the REAC\*.TXT files should go into aers/reactions.
If you have not done so already, load the input data into the Hadoop cluster:
- hadoop fs -mkdir aers
- hadoop fs -mkdir aers/drugs
- hadoop fs -put DRUG*.TXT aers/drugs
- hadoop fs -mkdir aers/demos
- hadoop fs -put DEMO*.TXT aers/demos
- hadoop fs -mkdir aers/reactions
- hadoop fs -put REAC*.TXT aers/reactions
+ hdfs dfs -mkdir aers
+ hdfs dfs -mkdir aers/drugs
+ hdfs dfs -put DRUG*.TXT aers/drugs
+ hdfs dfs -mkdir aers/demos
+ hdfs dfs -put DEMO*.TXT aers/demos
+ hdfs dfs -mkdir aers/reactions
+ hdfs dfs -put REAC*.TXT aers/reactions
Each of these commands should be run from the project's top-level directory,
i.e., the directory that contains this README file.

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