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Cloudera Altus SDK for Java

The Cloudera Altus SDK for Java allows Java developers to work with Cloudera Altus services.

Getting Started


  • Java 1.8 or later
  • Maven 3.5 or later

Installing the SDK

The Altus SDK is available through Cloudera's maven repository. To include it in your Maven project, use the following declarations:

Add the Cloudera Maven Repository

    <name>Cloudera Repository</name>

Include the Altus SDK Module

The Altus SDK uses slf4j for logging, so you must also include an slf4j implementation for whichever logging library your project will use (eg: log4j, logback, etc), and the jcl-over-slf4j bridge. In this example, we include the log4j implementation.


Building the SDK from source

After checking out the source code, you can build it using Maven.

mvn clean install

Using the SDK

You can see examples of how to use in the SDK in the separate Samples Repository.