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Class: Lightbox {#Lightbox}

A lightbox clone for Mootools.





new Lightbox(options);


  • options - (object) a set of key/value options


  • anchors - (array) a group of anchors to which to add lightbox functionality; defaults to $$('a[rel=lightbox]').
  • resizeDuration - (integer) duration in milliseconds for the resize effect; defaults to 400
  • resizeTransition - (function) optional Fx.Transitions transition reference
  • initialWidth - (integer) the initial width of the box; defaults to 250
  • initialHeight - (integer) the height width of the box; defaults to 250
  • zIndex - (integer) zindex for the overlay; defaults to 5000
  • overlayStyles - (object) styles object to pass to Element:setStyle for the modal layer (so you can set it to be whatever color or opacity you like). Note that the default styles are located in the (external) css file.
  • animateCaption - (boolean) slide the caption in smoothly; defaults to true
  • showCounter - (boolean) shows the number of images in the set; defaults to true
  • autoScanLinks - (boolean) scan the document for anchor tags with rel tags == the relString option (only used if the anchors option is undefined); defaults to true
  • relString - (string) the string value for the "rel" tag that will make the link use the lightbox; defaults to 'lightbox'. Unused if the anchors argument is specified.
  • useDefaultCss - (boolean) injects the default css for the lightbox; defauls to true.
  • assetBaseUrl - (string) the url where the css and image assets are (a directory); defaults to "". See Clientcide.setAssetLocation.


  • onImageShow - (function) optional callback fired when an image is displayed; passed two arguments: the index of the image shown and the image element shown.
  • onDisplay - (function) optional callback fired when the lightbox first shows up (onImageShow is fired just after this for the first image displayed and all subsequent images displayed if a set is shown). Passed no arguments.
  • onHide - (function) optional callback fired when the lightbox is closed. Passed no arguments.

Element Storage

Each image managed by the instance will have a property called "lightbox" stored that will retrive the instance.


new Lightbox(); //defaults; scans the document for rel="lightbox...
new Lightbox({
    anchors: $$('a.lightbox'), //use all anchor tags with class "lightbox" instead
    autoScanLinks: false


A new Lightbox is created on DomReady, so it is not required that you write any javascript at all. All you must do is add rel="lightbox" to your images (and rel="lightbox[setName]" for sets). If you want to create a Lightbox on the fly or with some other set of images, you can do that whenever you like.

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