Add PTable.values() method that returns a PCollection made up of the values in the table #23

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The new method converts collection into table. To compliment this method I have added the reverse method PTable.values() that returns collection of the values in the table. This should streamline/complete the syntax. For example one can sort a collection of complex Avro types by an arbitrary attribute like this:

PCollection unsorted = ...

MapFn nameExtractor = new MapFn() {
public String map(Person input) { return input.getName().toString(); }

PCollection sortedByName = unsorted .by(nameExtractor, strings()).groupByKey().ungroup().values(); test the values method.


Love it, thank you! Would you mind adding keys() as well, as long as we're at it?

on the way

@jwills jwills merged commit d5103ae into cloudera:master May 10, 2012
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