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The Hue project gladly welcomes improvements!

This document contains instructions on how to get involved. In any case, feel free to ask questions.

What to improve

Here is some inspiration:

  1. Updating a small piece of documentation. Pick a page and click on "Edit The Page".
  2. High level Roadmap
  3. Check Github issues, especially Good First Issues.
  4. Core areas: improving SQL Components like Scratchpad and Parsers, APIs, Kubernetes service or SQL connectors

Submitting an improvement

Here is a good example of Pull request with code and unit test with mocks.


Have a look at how to quick build.


It is flexible but Github Pull request are handy.

Just post the pull request and reviewers will start from there. The CI will run a basic set of tests for you.

Coding Style

A general rule is to follow the on-going style of the code context.

  • Python: Follow Django/PEP8, with the exception of using 2 spaces per indent level
  • JavaScript: Check the EsLint style

CI & Tests

See how to automatically run the tests via CircleCi by pushing to a branch or opening-up a pull request.