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The Hue project gladly welcomes pull requests!

This document contains instructions on how to help get involved with Hue.

In any case, feel free to ask here, on the forum or @gethue.

What to improve

Here is some inspiration on which areas would love to have some contributions:

  1. Updating a small piece of documentation
  2. High level Roadmap
  3. Check Github issues or the bug tracking system
  4. Improving or creating SQL autocompletes or connectors are great projects

Submitting an improvement

Here are some example of changes:


Have a look at how to quick build.


It is flexible:

Coding Style

A general rule is to follow the on-going style of the code context.

  • Python: Follow Django/PEP8, with the exception of using 2 spaces per indent level
  • JavaScript: Check the EsLint style

CI & Tests

See the Running the tests or opening-up a pull request will automatically run them via CircleCi.

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