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PR372 [doc] Fix postgresql spelling in

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ywheel authored and romainr committed May 16, 2016
1 parent 5bacf8e commit 61e80b3cd2820c68f2103e8cef34d50734f02c09
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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ Hue is an open source Web interface for analyzing data with any Apache Hadoop: [

It features:

* SQL editors for Hive, Impala, MySQL, Oracle, PostGresl, SparkSQL, Solr SQL, Phoenix...
* SQL editors for Hive, Impala, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SparkSQL, Solr SQL, Phoenix...
* Dynamic Search dashboards with Solr
* Spark and Hadoop notebooks
* Scheduling of jobs and workflows through an Oozie Editor and Dashboard

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