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[doc] Add more instruction on profiling hue server

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bc Wong committed Apr 25, 2012
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@@ -172,8 +172,12 @@ the file names is /tmp/<app_module>.<page_url>.<time_taken>.<timestamp>.prof.
Hue uses the hotshot profiling library for instrumentation. The documentation
for this library is located at:
-To make use of the profiling data quickly, you can create a script that does
-the following::
+You can use kcachegrind to view the profiled data graphically::
+ $ hotshot2calltree /tmp/ > /tmp/xyz.trace
+ $ kcachegrind /tmp/xyz.trace
+More generally, you can programmatically inspect a trace::
import hotshot.stats
@@ -188,4 +192,3 @@ time spent in that function, followed by the number of times the function was
called, and then prints out the top 100 time-wasters. For information on the
other stats available, take a look at this website:

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