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[slack] Add unit test for SQL detect
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Harshg999 committed May 19, 2021
1 parent 7b1c798 commit b803bd4
Showing 1 changed file with 64 additions and 18 deletions.
82 changes: 64 additions & 18 deletions desktop/core/src/desktop/lib/botserver/
Expand Up @@ -56,31 +56,77 @@ def setUpClass(cls):

def setUp(self):
self.host_domain = ''
self.is_http_secure = True # https if true else http

self.email_domain = '.'.join(self.host_domain.split('.')[-2:])

def test_handle_on_message(self):
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views._send_message') as _send_message:
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views.detect_select_statement') as detect_select_statement:

response = handle_on_message("channel", "bot_id", "text", "user_id")
assert_equal(response.status_code, 200)

handle_on_message("channel", None, None, "user_id")

handle_on_message("channel", None, "text", "user_id")
channel_id = "channel"
bot_id = "bot_id"
user_id = "user_id"
message_element = [{
'elements': [{
'text': 'hello hue test'

# Bot sending message
response = handle_on_message(self.host_domain, self.is_http_secure, channel_id, bot_id, message_element, user_id)
assert_equal(response.status_code, 200)

# Greeting user
handle_on_message(self.host_domain, self.is_http_secure, channel_id, None, message_element, user_id)
_send_message.assert_called_with(channel_id, 'Hi <@user_id> :wave:')

# Detect SQL
message_element = [
'elements': [{
'text': 'Hi Team, need help with query',
'elements': [{
'text': 'SELECT 1',

handle_on_message(self.host_domain, self.is_http_secure, channel_id, None, message_element, user_id)
detect_select_statement.assert_called_with(self.host_domain, self.is_http_secure, channel_id, user_id, 'select 1')

def test_detect_select_statement(self):
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views.check_slack_user_permission') as check_slack_user:
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views.get_user') as get_user:
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views.get_cluster_config') as get_cluster_config:
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views._send_message') as _send_message:
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views._gist_create') as _gist_create:

channel_id = "channel"
user_id = "user_id"
statement = 'select 1'

get_user.return_value = self.user

get_cluster_config.return_value = {
'default_sql_interpreter': 'hive'
_gist_create.return_value = {
'link': 'gist_link'

handle_on_message("channel", None, "hello hue test", "user_id")
_send_message.assert_called_with("channel", 'Hi <@user_id> :wave:')
detect_select_statement(self.host_domain, self.is_http_secure, channel_id, user_id, statement)
('Hi <@user_id>\n'
'Looks like you are copy/pasting SQL, instead now you can send Editor links which unfurls in a rich preview!\n'
'Here is the gist link\n gist_link')

with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views.slack_client.chat_postEphemeral') as chat_postEphemeral:
handle_on_message("channel", None, "test select 1 test", "user_id")
text='Hi <@user_id>\nInstead of copy/pasting SQL, now you can send Editor links which unfurls in a rich preview!')

def test_handle_query_history_link(self):
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views.slack_client.chat_unfurl') as chat_unfurl:
with patch('desktop.lib.botserver.views._check_status') as check_status:
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