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[frontend] Fix missing executor constructor in the SQL Scratchpad exa…
…mple project
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JohanAhlen committed Mar 1, 2021
1 parent b25aa13 commit df69acc
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Expand Up @@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ export interface ExecutorRaw {
executables: ExecutableRaw[];

declare class Executor {
export default class Executor {
connector: KnockoutObservable<Connector>;
compute: KnockoutObservable<Compute>;
namespace: KnockoutObservable<Namespace>;
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15 changes: 7 additions & 8 deletions tools/examples/components/sql-scratchpad/
Expand Up @@ -13,14 +13,13 @@ We wrap the web components to be able to set certain attributes/properties on th

## To run this project

### In the Hue root folder:
1. `npm install`
2. `npm run webpack-npm`

### In this project folder:
3. `npm install`
4. `npm start`
5. Open [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000) to view it in the browser.
1. Go to the Hue root folder `cd ../../../../`
2. `npm install`
3. `npm run webpack-npm`
4. Go to the example project `cd tools/examples/components/sql-scratchpad`
5. `npm install`
6. `npm start`
7. Open [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000) to view it in the browser.

## Base project creation steps (for reference)

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