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Commits on Mar 23, 2018
  1. HUE-8127 [assist] Fix issue where the context popover throws js error…

    JohanAhlen committed Mar 23, 2018
    … for complex entries
    This also adds a helper method on locations to resolve the corresponding catalogEntry and takes care of an issue where the ApiHelper simplePost promise gets resolved on HTTP 200 responses that are actually errors.
Commits on Mar 22, 2018
  1. HUE-8116 [frontend] Remove sorting of top search results from the UI …

    JohanAhlen committed Mar 22, 2018
    …to not interfere with backend sorting
  2. HUE-7980 [editor] The toolbar icon dropdowns should be aligned to the…

    enricoberti committed Mar 22, 2018
    … right to avoid horizontal scroll
  3. HUE-8107 [editor] Fix user variable type resolution in the editor

    JohanAhlen committed Mar 21, 2018
    This switches the resolution mechanism to use the source meta instead of the sample to find the type as the sample call is more expensive for columns.
  4. HUE-8098 [assist] Make sure empty rows have a fixed height in the con…

    JohanAhlen committed Mar 20, 2018
    …text popover column samples table
Commits on Mar 21, 2018
  1. HUE-8105 [dashboard] Simplify the legend of the number of records in …

    romainr committed Mar 20, 2018
    …grid widget
    Showing 1 to 30 of 21430 results. Show [30] results per page
    Showing 1 to [30] of 21430 results
    And basically only show the spinedit on the first page.
  2. HUE-8095 [metadata] Boost entities with non null important fields

    romainr committed Mar 19, 2018
    Improves matches on entities with similar names
  3. HUE-8095 [metadata] Boost matching name, description and tags of enti…

    romainr committed Mar 19, 2018
    Default interactive search filtering is now restricted to originalName, originalDescription,
    name, description and tags in order to provide a better ranking.
  4. HUE-8086 [core] Unify sample data fetching with dashboards

    romainr committed Mar 16, 2018
    Remove sample queries from showing-up in the query history
    Simplify to leverage the async API
    Note: cf note in the code, we should start unifying the dashboard and this
  5. HUE-8106 [editor] Convert fixed headers and column to a more performa…

    enricoberti committed Mar 21, 2018
    …nt CSS solution
    Unfortunately position:sticky is buggy for table elements in both Chrome and FF, but this commit reduces a lot the redrawing needed
Commits on Mar 20, 2018
  1. HUE-8103 [dashboard] Dragging a top widget to the top widget bar shou…

    enricoberti committed Mar 20, 2018
    …ldn't create a Gridster widget
  2. HUE-8101 [dashboard] Adding a widget should trigger a resize on the w…

    enricoberti committed Mar 20, 2018
    …indow to recalculate the virtual Gridster grid