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Commits on Oct 17, 2018
Commits on Oct 16, 2018
  1. HUE-8629 [assist] Don't show a database icon in the breadcrumb of non…

    JohanAhlen committed Oct 16, 2018
    … sql type assist panels
  2. HUE-8629 [assist] Add a dedicated streams assist panel

    JohanAhlen committed Oct 16, 2018
    This also takes care of an issue where the database list is visible for solr
Commits on Oct 15, 2018
  1. HUE-8628 [assist] Indicate context in the left assist filter placeholder

    JohanAhlen committed Oct 12, 2018
    To make it a bit more clear that the filter only filters on databases and not tables in the database list
  2. HUE-8623 [frontend] Send cluster when checking if a table or database…

    JohanAhlen committed Oct 10, 2018
    … exists in the importer
  3. HUE-8621 [editor] Add ace option to toggle dark mode

    JohanAhlen committed Oct 10, 2018
    This also persists the setting in total storage
Commits on Oct 12, 2018
  1. HUE-8625 [editor] Prevent js exception when dragging from top search …

    JohanAhlen authored and romainr committed Oct 11, 2018
    …to the editor after visiting the importer
Commits on Oct 11, 2018
Commits on Oct 4, 2018
  1. HUE-8617 [frontend] Add pubSub to the context selector for setting cl…

    JohanAhlen committed Oct 4, 2018
    This adds support for the following:
    huePubSub.publish('context.selector.set.namespace', 'default');
    huePubSub.publish('context.selector.set.compute', 'default');
    huePubSub.publish('context.selector.set.cluster', 'default');