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hive query uses default principal hue/localhost@<REALM> in secure cluster #12

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wfen Romain Rigaux
wfen commented

I configured CDH4 with kerberos and my hive queries failed until I added beeswax_server_host value and tweaked beeswax/ to support my non-standard hue principal name (needed to comply with my company's kerberos naming conventions).

I didn't discover the beeswax_server_host configuration option until digging through code. Since the default of localhost isn't great for a secured cluster I'd request that the beeswax_server_host configuration option be added in the Beeswax section with some comment that it might be needed for secure clusters. Further, the call thrift_util.get_client in beeswax/src/beeswax/ uses a hardcoded kerberos_principal value which doesn't accommodate kerberos configurations which need to make use of kerberos principal to short name mapping such as is possible through "".

Romain Rigaux

Thanks a lot for the report, I created

Romain Rigaux

Great feedback and it is fixed in Hue 2.2

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