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Let’s Big Data. Hue is an open source Web interface for analyzing data with Hadoop and Spark.
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Hue Oozie UI v1.1

Instructions to install the tarball release of Hue Oozie.

## Install in any directory the user running it has write permissions: $ PREFIX=/home/oozie/webui make install

## Run $ /home/oozie/webui/hue/build/env/bin/hue runspawningserver

## Goto: http://localhost:11011 !

## Enter the username you want


Feel free to ask on the user group


## Install plug-ins (for direct access to logs. Requires Hadoop 1.2 or 0.23) $ cd /usr/lib/hadoop-0.20-mapreduce/lib $ ln -s /usr/share/hue/desktop/libs/hadoop/java-lib/hue*jar

## Configure Hadoop (for HDFS file links) Edit hdfs-site.xml:

<name>dfs.webhdfs.enable</name> <value>true</value>


Edit mapred-site.xml:

<name>mapred.jobtracker.plugins</name> <value>org.apache.hadoop.thriftfs.ThriftJobTrackerPlugin</value> <description>Comma-separated list of jobtracker plug-ins to be activated. </description>



You might need some of these library development packages (in particular the python* ones) if they not installed on your system:

Ubuntu: * ant * gcc * g++ * libsqlite3-dev * libxml2-dev * libxslt-dev * mvn (from maven2 package or tarball) * python-dev * python-simplejson * python-setuptools

CentOS: * ant * asciidoc * gcc * gcc-c++ * libxml2-devel * libxslt-devel * mvn (from maven2 package or tarball) * python-devel * python-simplejson * sqlite-devel

MacOS (mac port): * libxml2 * libxslt (simplejson (easy_install)) * sqlite3

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