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          Hue - Hadoop UI

Instructions to install the tarball release of Hue are available
in the manual from http://gethue.com.

If you're impatient, these are the key steps. Please check the full manual
for more details.

## Install in any directory, e.g. /home/hue, /usr/share, /home/my_user
PREFIX=/usr/share make install

## If you don't have the permissions, you will need to 'sudo' the command and
## make sure that the 'hue' user has write access to the 'logs' directory and 'desktop/desktop.db'.
## e.g. sudo chown -R hue:hue /usr/local/hue

## Run!

Stop the current Hue and do a database backup.
Install the new Hue to replace the old one and run the database migrations:

./build/env/bin/hue syncdb
./build/env/bin/hue migrate

Configure Hadoop

## Configure HDFS
Edit hdfs-site.xml:


Configure Hue

Point to other services: http://gethue.com/how-to-configure-hue-in-your-hadoop-cluster/


Search or ask questions on the forum and http://groups.google.com/a/cloudera.org/group/hue-user

Some packages might be required during the 'make install': https://github.com/cloudera/hue#development-prerequisites)

Download a pre-built packaged version (apt-get/yum install...) of Hue on http://gethue.com