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          Hue - Hadoop UI

Instructions to install the tarball release of Hue are available
in the manual from

If you're impatient, these are the key steps. Please check the full manual
for more details.

## Install in any directory, e.g. /home/hue, /usr/share, /home/my_user
PREFIX=/usr/share make install

## If you don't have the permissions, you will need to 'sudo' the command and
## make sure that the 'hue' user has write access to the 'logs' directory and 'desktop/desktop.db'.
## e.g. sudo chown -R hue:hue /usr/local/hue

## Run!

Stop the current Hue and do a database backup.
Install the new Hue to replace the old one and run the database migrations:

./build/env/bin/hue syncdb
./build/env/bin/hue migrate

Configure Hadoop

## Configure HDFS
Edit hdfs-site.xml:


Configure Hue

Point to other services:


Search or ask questions on the forum and

Some packages might be required during the 'make install':

Download a pre-built packaged version (apt-get/yum install...) of Hue on

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