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The Hue project gladly welcomes any patches or pull requests!

This document contains instructions on how to get involved with Hue, and our development process. The team also follows this logic.

In any case, feel free to ask on hue-user, here or @gethue.

Getting Started

Have a look at how to build Hue

Example of bug, patch and review

List of pull requests
HUE-2617 [metastore] Return partition results in reverse order by default

List of Easy bugs.

Bug Tracking

Hue uses JIRA as its bug tracking system.

Code Review


Please run the tests (see the Getting started then README.testing file).

Patch Format

Generate the patch using git format-patch with a message looking like:

HUE-NNNN [APP_NAME] The JIRA summary line

Optional details on the commit *after* a blank line.
This section can span multiple lines.

Or have multiple paragraphs.

Example of format.


Hue blog posts about using Review Board:

Currently, the Hue project is very flexible on how to do code reviews:

  1. Create an account on HUE’s Review Board.
  2. Post the patch against the “hue-rw” repository. Enter “hue” in the “groups” field.
  3. Example:
  • JIRA Attachment
    1. For small changes, you can attach the patch in the JIRA.
  • Github Diff or Pull request
    1. Again, for small changes, if you have the fix in a commit in your own github fork, you can just post the commit link in a JIRA comment.


A Hue committer will commit your patch when it is is ready after being reviewed.

Example of commit:

If it is the first time, please sign the CCLA that way we don’t get sued later ;)

Coding Style

A general rule is to follow the on-going style of the code context.

  • Python: Follow PEP 8, with the exception of using 2 spaces per indent level. Line width is 100 characters.
  • JavaScript: Follow the style in this file.