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Real-time Query for Hadoop
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Latest commit 47c3400 @abehm abehm committed with Internal Jenkins IMPALA-2950: Fully resolve exprs before wrapping with TupleIsNullPred…

The bug: In SingleNodePlanner.createInlineViewPlan() we need to wrap some
exprs with TupleIsNullPredicates to preserve correctness if the inline view
is outer joined. The bug was that we used to perform this wrapping on
the rhs of the inline view's smap, and not the final output smap after
those rhs exprs have been resolved against the physical output of the
inline view's plan root. As a result, the TupleIsNullWrapping did not
work correctly for deeply nested inline views with exprs that require
wrapping at various nesting levels.

The fix: Resolve the exprs against the physical output of the inline view's
plan root before performing the TupleIsNullPredicate wrapping.

Change-Id: I183bba6a36bf5e19a88687ed8c82977ae769ddf4
Reviewed-by: Alex Behm <>
Tested-by: Internal Jenkins

Welcome to Impala

Lightning-fast, distributed SQL queries for petabytes of data stored in Apache Hadoop clusters.

Impala is a modern, massively-distributed, massively-parallel, C++ query engine that lets you analyze, transform and combine data from a variety of data sources:

  • Best of breed performance and scalability.
  • Support for data stored in HDFS, Apache HBase and Amazon S3.
  • Wide analytic SQL support, including window functions and subqueries.
  • On-the-fly code generation using LLVM to generate CPU-efficient code tailored specifically to each individual query.
  • Support for the most commonly-used Hadoop file formats, including the Apache Parquet (incubating) project.
  • Apache-licensed, 100% open source.

More about Impala

To learn more about Impala as a business user, or to try Impala live or in a VM, please visit the Impala homepage.

If you are interested in contributing to Impala as a developer, or learning more about Impala's internals and architecture, visit the Impala wiki.

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