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Latest commit 3349b9a Aug 24, 2016 @toddlipcon toddlipcon Update to 0.10.0 API, update Spark examples
This changes the poms and Java code to use the new org.apache.kudu
package name, updates to 0.10.0, and updates the spark example
in collectl/README to use Spark SQL instead of RDDs.


Here's a Java client sample that creates a table, writes some data, scans it, and then deletes
its table.

To build and run, do the following:

$ mvn package
$ java -jar target/kudu-java-sample-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

This example assumes that you are running the Quickstart VM with the host name
"quickstart.cloudera". If you are running against a different cluster, pass the
host name of the Kudu Master using a Java property:

$ java -jar target/kudu-java-sample-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar