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danburkert Fix insert-loadgen example to handle insert errors
This commit makes a few changes:

- multi-threading in insert-loadgen is removed. insert-loadgen used
  separate clients per-thread anyway, so there isn't much advantage to
  running with threads over just starting more instances as separate
  processes. The threading made shutting down on errors harder since the
  shutdown had to be communicated to all threads.
- insert-loadgen now fails on row errors by periodically checking the
  accumulated errors instead of ignoring them.
- All java projects have been updated to use the latest 1.1.0 Kudu
Latest commit 4d2c46f Dec 7, 2016


Here's a Java client sample that creates a table, writes some data, scans it, and then deletes
its table.

To build and run, do the following:

$ mvn package
$ java -jar target/kudu-java-sample-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

This example assumes that you are running the Quickstart VM with the host name
"quickstart.cloudera". If you are running against a different cluster, pass the
host name of the Kudu Master using a Java property:

$ java -DkuduMaster=a1216.halxg.cloudera.com -jar target/kudu-java-sample-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar