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Installing R and RHadoop on a small CentOS 6 cluster

Using csshX to install R and RHadoop on the cluster.

csshX --login root --hosts ~/cloudera/cluster/hosts.txt

Install R:

yum -y --enablerepo=epel install R R-devel
R CMD javareconf

Start R REPL and install some packages:

install.packages(c('Rcpp', 'RJSONIO', 'itertools', 'digest'), repos="", INSTALL_opts=c('--byte-compile') )
install.packages(c('functional', 'stringr', 'plyr'), repos="", INSTALL_opts=c('--byte-compile') )
install.packages(c('rJava'), repos="" )
install.packages(c('randomForest'), repos="" )
install.packages(c('reshape2'), repos="" )

Then dnload RHadoop and install

git clone git://
R CMD INSTALL --byte-compile rmr2/pkg/

Set some environ vars in .bashrc:

export HADOOP_HOME=/usr/lib/hadoop
export HADOOP_CMD=/usr/bin/hadoop
export HADOOP_STREAMING=/usr/lib/hadoop-0.20-mapreduce/contrib/streaming/hadoop-streaming-2.0.0-mr1-cdh4.2.0.jar

Make sure to source the new variables before continuing.

Installed rhdfs:

git clone git://
R CMD INSTALL --byte-compile rhdfs/pkg/