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In order to use the apt-transport-cloudflared package you must have cloudflared installed. Follow the instructions here to install cloudflared.

Building and Installing

Before building apt-transport-cloudflared, please ensure that a go development environment is set up. This can be done by following the instructions provided here. Once that is done, use go get to download and install the apt-transport-cloudflared binary to ${GOPATH}/bin, then move the binary to the correct location.

User Configuration

Once the apt-transport-cloudflared binary is installed, you should be able to use it by adding the access protected endpoint to your apt sources with the scheme changed to cfd+https://. I.e.

deb [arch=amd64] cfd+ stable common

Using Apt-Transport-Cloudflared

If everything is set up correctly, using the method should work seamlessly. If the access token needs to be updated, a browser window should open automatically and redirect to the root of your apt repository. If this does not happen, the auth URL will be printed in the apt output like so:

$ sudo apt update

To avoid having this happen, you can log-in with cloudflared prior to running the apt update or apt install commands, e.g

$ cloudflared access login
$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install ${PACKAGES}

Service Tokens

As an extension, the apt-transport-cloudflared package supports using service tokens to authenticate with Access. Service token support is implemented through two headers, one for the client ID and one for the client secret. These values are passed to the service using the CF-Access-Client-ID and CF-Acess-Client-Secret headers, respectively.

Service tokens are accessed from ${HOME}/.cloudflared/servicetokens/ with a filename corresponding to the root URL of the repository, and are expected to have the following contents:


As an example, given a repository at which uses Access, in order to use a service token you would add a file to ${HOME}/.cloudflared/servicetokens/ with the following contents:

Since the service tokens are already valid as is, using them does not require cloudflared.

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