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@cbroglie cbroglie released this 31 Oct 02:52
· 265 commits to master since this release


9f1008d Drop the slow macOS build
ac360f2 Fix bug causing selfsign to ignore the default profile
c4ed0e4 Fix formatted logging calls.
27c56f6 Fix typo of genkey to gencsr
db14316 Gopkg: update zlint/zcrypto to latest.
5fc50ce Merge pull request #1018 from cloudflare/cbroglie/1.3.4
633726f Merge pull request #1022 from QuLogic/log-format
b1ec8c5 Merge pull request #1025 from cpu/cpu-bump-zlint-dep
d4e8552 Merge pull request #1027 from cpu/cpu-go-one-dot-twelve-plus
1a911ca Merge pull request #1030 from ashemedai/master
40f4f51 Merge pull request #1044 from cloudflare/cbroglie/selfsign
2318616 Merge pull request #1047 from cloudflare/cbroglie/modules
aa34253 Merge remote-tracking branch 'cf/master' into cpu-bump-zlint-dep
ee73190 Migrate to Go modules
ce0e294 Support building/releasing binaries with goreleaser
0338350 project: require Go 1.12.x
df5c37b review: fix local signer TestLint unit test.