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@nickysemenza nickysemenza released this 23 Oct 00:15
· 208 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

Users of the certdb functionality must run database 002 migrate prior to upgrading to v1.5.0 or earlier. Migrates are available for all 3 supported databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite


f30ae6a Add go 1.14 to the CI (#1092)
c7e13ae Add support for s390x in travis.yml
beeced8 Allowing CSR to take CRL url as input which can then be used on a certificate
44db4a7 Cloud_f_lare (#1070)
10ed8da Correctly check for different golang versions #1076 (#1083)
34885de Document revocation parameter formats
7c8e501 Fix 'TestNewMutualTLSServer' test for go1.14 #1075 (#1091)
1b44b48 Fix race condition in revoke
4468af6 Fix readme still referencing deleted doc file
1fb9b90 Fix typo and go fmt this file
87a2fe7 Ignore EC parameters when parsing private keys
828c23c Merge pull request #1065 from linux-on-ibm-z/test-s390x-pr
6449172 Merge pull request #1073 from PeterLincsafe/master
ca392c0 Merge pull request #1100 from gzzchh/patch-1
2916a1f Merge pull request #1111 from cpu/cpu-temp-fix-bundle-test
8fb5413 Merge pull request #1112 from RocketPuppy/patch-1
efd6a76 Merge pull request #1128 from huiyifyj/fix-typo
046b174 Merge pull request #1129 from mitalirawat/mitali/SECENG-8092
8e907d3 Merge pull request #1132 from asayyah/master
d1be3c2 Merge pull request #1135 from nickysemenza/fix-null-commonname
d6ad84e Merge pull request #1136 from nickysemenza/fix-null-commonname
e905e91 Merge pull request #1137 from hugoboos/update-zlint
e9f28f7 Replace with 'Packages' tab (#1050)
f1bc990 Updated to v1.3.0 (#1086)
6b49bea add copy_extensions configuration to local signer to allow (#1082)
d384631 bundler: temporarily remove leafRSA3072 testcases.
e45ead2 deps: update /x/crypto, fix Go 1.13 test breakage. (#1081)
8090bce feat(authsign): store additional metadata/fields in certdb (#1126)
e8f9337 fix(certdb): allow reading other null columns (part 2 of #1135)
c7426df fix(certdb): use sql.NullString for CertificateRecord.CommonName
abef926 local/signer: use zmap/zlint v2.0.0, add filtering. (#1080)
ff9470e typo fix of json
a0fb609 update dependency zlint to 2.2.1