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Chrome Web Store Firefox Add-ons

Claire is a Google Chrome extension that turns orange if the current page is on the Cloudflare network. Clicking on the icon will show additional information about the page.


From Chrome Web Store

Install the pre-packaged version of Claire from the Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store

From Firefox Add-ons

Install the pre-packaged version of Claire from the Firefox Add-ons site

Firefox Add-ons

From source

To use the extension from source:

  • Clone this repository (git clone
  • In the checked out directory, run yarn install && yarn run build.
  • Bring up the extensions page (Wrench icon -> Tools -> Extensions)
  • If Developer mode is not checked, check it and this will expose a few additional buttons
  • Click on the Load unpacked extension button and browse to the "dist" folder in the Claire repo folder

Sharing & Contributing

You can use this short URL to share Claire

Fork away and send pull requests