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This repository contains a set of tools and examples for GoFlow, a NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow collector by Cloudflare.


Code examples:

  • consumer/consumer.go: displays the live samples in JSON
  • consumer/processor.go: adds the source/destination country based on the IP in the sample
  • pb-ext/flowext.proto: extension of the base protobuf adding countries

Start a flow pipeline

The demo directory contains a startup file for an example pipeline including:

  • GoFlow: an sFlow collector
  • Kafka/Zookeeper
  • A processor: to add country information to the samples
  • A consumer: to display the flows

In the future versions, an aggregator will be added. Hoping to have a display with Grafana.

It will listen on port 6343/UDP for sFlow (a generator of samples will be added at some point).

                   +------+         +-----+
     sFlow/NetFlow |goflow+--------->Kafka|
                   +------+         +-----+
                      Topic: flows     |             |
                                       |             |
                                 +-----v---+       +-v---------+
                     +countries  |processor|       |new service|
                                 +---------+       +-----------+
                Topic: flows-extended |

Clone the repository, then run the following:

cd demo
./ # This will download the Maxmind GeoLite2-Countries database for the flow processor
docker-compose -d

Wait a few seconds for all the system to start.

Then visualize the live flows:

docker-compose run processor -c "./consumer -kafka.brokers kafka:9092 -kafka.topic flows-extended"

Change the topic from flows-extended to flows if you want to see the raw flows (without the country added).