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JSON Schema Tools

This is a monorepo of packages for working with JSON Schema and JSON Hyper-Schema, built using Lerna and Yarn Workspaces.

The repo includes everything from generic utilities to small applications built on these and other packages.

The packages are intended for general use, so while they may support some Cloudflare extensions to JSON Schema, they should all be usable with schemas that rely only on the standard keywords and features.

Note that these packages have not yet reached a stable interface

Interfaces will change and packages will be refactored until each package reaches a 1.0 status. This will likely occur once JSON Schema draft-08, which will have some very significant new features, is finalized. In particular, the concept of a Schema Vocabulary appears in several locations but is neither well nor consistently managed in the current code. Draft-08 will formalize that concept.

If you are interested in building on these packages, please file an issue indicating what you need to use and we will work to ensure reasonable levels of support as we finalize the interfaces.

The packages

Packages fall into a few categories. Currently, the packages in this repository focus on static manipulation and processing of schemas, in particular for generating API documentation. The following diagram gives an overview of how this and potentially other kinds of static processing work:

A possible json-schema-tools data flow for static schema processing would likely involve the walker and transform packages, which can produce schemas suitable for use in applications such as the Doca API documentation system.

Additional packages will likely add runtime functionality, including automated API testing support based on JSON Hyper-Schema.


json-schema-walker is the most fundamental static schema processing package: it is aware of subschema applicators and uses that knowledge to walk over a schema and make callbacks before and/or after visiting any subschemas.

Most schema transformations work by changing a schema object after its subschemas have been visited, so that all transformations are guaranteed to have already been applied to any subschemas.

There are variants for visiting all schemas including the root, as well as for only visiting subschemas.


json-schema-transform is a collection of utility functions, most of which are either callbacks intended for use with json-schema -walker, or make use of json-schema-walker internally. This package will eventually include transforms for converting one draft to another.

Among other things, this makes replacements for the internals of the deprecated json-schema-example-loader package available outside of Webpack. See json-schema-apidoc-loader for use with Webpack.


json-hyper-schema is an implementation of the JSON Hyper-Schema specification, supporting both static (currently) and dynamic (in the future) use of Hyper-Schemas. Eventually, we hope to build a fully-featured hyperclient based on this package.

Currently, this just includes some utilities for looking up link description objects and resolving URI Templates from an instance. Some of these utilities are replacements for internals of the deprecated json-schema-example-loader.


This package has not yet been created.

Applies schema validation to API requests and responses. This will primarily leverage JSON Hyper-Schema but other utilities such as a Jest matcher for regular schema validation will be included.

Applications and application support

Currently, the only application provided is an API documentation system known as "Doca". This is a refactored and re-designed version of our existing Doca suite


Scaffolding system to generate API documentation apps.

Replaces the existing doca package, which is now deprecated.


The default UI for documentation apps scaffolded by @cloudflare/doca.

Will eventually fully replace doca-bootstrap-theme, but currently this is a bare-bones display of the processed JSON Schemas. It is provided mainly for debugging purposes and as a starting point for 3rd-party UI themes.


Webpack loader that uses json-schema-transform and other packages to load schemas written in JSON, JSON5, YAML, or JavaScript formats and dereference all $ref occurrences. All referenced schemas are added as dependencies.

Currently this loader can only be used with schemas that do not have any cyclic references as dereferencing is the only option for loading.

Replaces json-schema-loader


Webpack loader that uses json-schema-transform and other packages to convert de-referenced (no $refs) into a form suitable for generating documentation, including examples.

Replaces json-schema-example-loader


Installing and using a single package

Find the package in the workspaces/ directory and open its for documentation.

Installing the monorepo

Please use recent versions of lerna (2+), node (6+) and yarn (v1+). Simply clone the repository and run lerna bootstrap, which will use yarn. A known good version of yarn is included in the scripts directory and configured in this repository's .yarnrc.