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JSON Schema Transform

A collection of utilities for analyzing and manipulating JSON Schemas statically (without an instance).

Currently, the transformations fall into two categories:

Loading and dereferencing

The AutoExtensionDereferencer class can parse JSON Schemas in JSON, JSON5, YAML, and JavaScript format, and uses the json-schema-ref-parser package to remove all $refs. When dereferencing, no circular references are allowed.

This functionality is used by @cloudflare/json-schema-ref-loader.

Producing API documentation-friendly schemas

Several utilities are packaged up as processApiDocSchema() which does the following, all of which can be accessed as individual functions. These functions generally assume that $refs have been dereferenced, which means that circular references are not (yet) supported.

The API documentation processing involves:

  • Collapsing allOfs on the assumption that they are used to glue subschemas together, and should not be visible to documentation readers
  • Replace "cfRecurse": "" with a copy of the non-links and non-definitions portion of a schema data structure (this may be changed to work without making a copy in the future, particularly if the similar $recurse proposed keyword makes it into draft-08)
  • Build examples out of individual object property and array item example values
  • Construct an example invocation of curl for each link, using the rolled-up example

This functionality is used by @cloudflare/json-schema-apidoc-loader.