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/* ****************************************************************************
* The mempool is used to speedup memory allocation. Mempool allocate pape-size
* "chunks" by calling malloc(), and the subsequent memory allocation is done by
* carving block from the these chunks. A block dose not have management overhead,
* and mempool dose not try to reclaim individual block, but it can free all the
* blocks in one stroke.
* The interface functions are:
* =============================
* o. mp_create : create a memory pool instance.
* o. mp_destroy: destroy the memory pool instance.
* o. mp_alloc(mempool, size) : allocate a block having at least "size"-byte.
* block is 8-byte aligned.
* o. mp_free_all() : free all blocks allocated so far.
* ****************************************************************************
#ifndef MEM_POOL_H
#define MEM_POOL_H
/* A chunk is typically 4k-byte in size; the management structure resides at
* the beginning of the chunk.
typedef struct chunk_hdr chunk_hdr_t;
struct chunk_hdr {
chunk_hdr_t* next;
char* chunk_end;
char* free;
struct mempool;
typedef struct mempool mempool_t;
struct mempool {
chunk_hdr_t chunk_hdr;
chunk_hdr_t* last;
/* create a mempool */
mempool_t* mp_create();
/* destroy the mempool*/
void mp_destroy(mempool_t*);
/* Free all blocks allocated by the mempool */
void mp_free_all(mempool_t*);
/* Allocate a block of "size" bytes. Default alignment is 8-byte. */
static inline void*
mp_alloc(mempool_t* mp, int size) {
size = (size + DEFAULT_ALIGN - 1) & ~(DEFAULT_ALIGN - 1);
chunk_hdr_t* chunk = mp->last;
char* free_addr = chunk->free;
char* free_end = chunk->chunk_end;
if (free_addr + size <= free_end) {
char* t = free_addr;
chunk->free += size;
return (void*)t;
void* mp_alloc_slow(mempool_t* mp, int size);
return mp_alloc_slow(mp, size);
/* To allocate a block of type "t" */
#define MEMPOOL_ALLOC_TYPE(mp, t) ((t*)mp_alloc((mp), sizeof(t)))
/* To allocate an array with "n" elements. Elements are of type "t".*/
#define MEMPOOL_ALLOC_TYPE_N(mp, t, n) ((t*)mp_alloc((mp), sizeof(t) * (n)))
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