Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman in Go
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henrydcase fix: CPUID code was wrongly recognizing ADX and BMI2
As per [1], page 296, CPUID sets, in the EBX register, bit 8 if BMI2
and bit 19 if ADX is supported (assuming request is done with EAX=7).

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Project provides a Go implementation of (ephemeral) supersingular isogeny Diffie-Hellman (SIDH) and supersingular isogeny key exchange (SIKE), as specified in SIDH-spec, PQC NIST Submission (Nov 30, 2017).

Portions of the field arithmetic were ported from the Microsoft Research implementation.

The SIDH package does NOT implement key validation. It means that it should only be used for ephemeral DH. Each keypair should be used at most once.

If you feel that SIDH may be appropriate for you, consult your cryptographer.

Source code

Project provides following packages:

  • p503: P503 field arithmetic
  • p751: P751 field arithmetic
  • sidh: Implementation of SIDH key agreement
  • sike: Implementation of SIKE PKE and KEM, based on sidh package


At development time following make targets may come handy:

  • make test : unit testing
  • make bench: benchmarking
  • make cover: produces code coverage as txt file (used by travis)

It is possible to add one of following postfixes to each of the targets above, in order to run tests specific to -p503, -p751, -sidh or -sike.


Special thanks to Craig Costello, Diego Aranha, and Deirdre Connolly for advice and discussion.