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Third Party Scripts

Significantly improves performance of common static third-party scripts:

  • Rewrites the HTML to replace the third-party script URLs with URLs that are proxied through the origin and appends a content hash to the URL.
  • On the proxied requests it returns the proxied request, stripping most headers and extending the cache to 1 year (which is safe to do since the URL will change if the content ever changes)

This provides a few big performance and reliability benefits:

  • Browsers will not have to establish new connections to the third-party origin (saving 3 round trips).
  • On HTTP/2 connections the scripts will be properly prioritized relative to the other page content.
  • Browsers will only re-request the content if the content itself actually changes, independent of the original cache settings.
  • If there are connectivity problems between the browser and the third-party or availability problems with the third-party those will be bypassed since the content is cached on the Cloudflare edge.


For testing purposes it also supports turning off the worker through query parameters added to the page URL:

  • cf-worker=bypass disables all rewriting. i.e.


BSD 3-Clause licensed. See the LICENSE file for details.

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