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@github-actions github-actions released this Aug 21, 2020

  • Features

    • New configuration method with wrangler login - jspspike, pull/1471

      wrangler login allows you to authenticate Wrangler to use your Cloudflare user credentials without hunting down an API token in the Cloudflare dashboard. It's straightforward! Just run wrangler login, enter your credentials, and you're off to the races.

    • wrangler dev now runs on the same machines as your production code - EverlastingBugstopper avidal jwheels, pull/1085

      When running wrangler dev as an authenticated user, your requests will now run on the same servers that Cloudflare Workers run on in production. This means that what you see is what you get. wrangler dev should behave exactly like production, though we still recommend deploying to a staging website before going to production in order to ensure your changes are safe. This change means you get access to things like, the Cache API, and any Cloudflare settings you've applied in the dashboard while developing your Workers.

    • wrangler dev now supports redirects - jspspike, issue/1508 pull/1512

      When an HTTP response status code is between 300 and 399, the server lets the client know that the data they're looking for isn't here anymore, and the client should issue another separate request to the endpoint denoted in the Location header of the response. Before, if you were developing with wrangler dev on, and your Worker issued a redirect from to, that's what would be in the Location header. This meant that whatever client you were using would then issue their second request to the public Internet rather than the wrangler dev server running on your local machine. With this release, the Location header would now be rewritten to, preventing your client from redirecting you away from the Worker you're trying to develop.

    • Add --config flag to all commmands to override the default wrangler.toml configuration file path - luanraithz, issue/1064 pull/1350

      All commands that read from a configuration file can now use a different configuration file path if the --config flag is specified. The commands affected are: kv:namespace, kv:key, kv:bulk, route, secret, build, preview, dev, publish, subdomain, and tail.

    • wrangler dev configuration options for HTTP protocol - jspspike, issue/1204 pull/1485

      wrangler dev now takes two additional configuration flags: --upstream-protocol and --local-protocol. Both of these take a value of either http or https. --upstream-protocol determines what protocol the request going to your preview worker is (previously this was only controlled with the --host flag) - this flag defaults to https. --local-protocol determines what protocol wrangler dev listens for and defaults to http. If https is chosen, a self-signed certificate will be auto-generated for the dev server.

    • wrangler dev can be configured in wrangler.toml - jspspike, issue/1282 pull/1477

      Any flag taken by wrangler dev (except --host) can now be configured in the [dev] section of your wrangler.toml. This allows different developers on the same project to share and persist settings for their local development environment.

    • Check if rustc is installed before building a Rust project - ObsidianMinor, issue/487 pull/1461

    • Improve preview_id error message - EverlastingBugstopper, issue/1458 pull/1465

      When a preview_id is needed, the error message directs the user to add it to their wrangler.toml.

    • Prevent wrangler preview and wrangler dev for a Workers Site if there is no authenticated user - jspspike, issue/1138 pull/1447

  • Fixes

    • Fix wrangler route commands that take an --env flag - jspspike, issue/1216 pull/1448

      Before, if you passed an environment to a wrangler route command, it wouldn't work properly due to some mishandling of the arguments in the way we used our command line argument parser. This is now fixed and wrangler route commands work as expected.

    • Open browser as child process - jspspike, issue/516 pull/1495

      When running wrangler preview, the browser is now opened as a child process. This fixes an issue on Linux where Wrangler would start the browser and then hang waiting for the browser to exit before it begins watching for changes.

    • Direct cloudflared output with wrangler tail to /dev/null - jspspike, issue/1432 pull/1450

  • Maintenance

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